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Acoustic Panels Fireproof Different Colors Decoration Fiberglass Acoustical Ceiling Board

Short Description:

Fiberglass Acoustical Ceiling Board using high-density glass wool as the base material, the surface is covered with sound-trasmitting paint,and sound waves hardly produce wave reflection on its surface,which can control and adjust the indoor reverberation time, reduce indoor noise,echo,etc.Glass fiber decorative on the surface,high-density glass wool inside,no dust,color and shape can be customized,simple and fast construction.It is recommended that the panels be installed to the opposite two walls to control the echo of the surroundings, the panels are widely used in hotel,meeting rooms,auditoriums,music rooms,libraries,etc.,where have special request for sound absorption.

Product Detail

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Main Advantages


◆No sagging, Wrapping Or Delaminating

◆Green building material

◆Excellent Sound Absorption

◆Good Light Reflection



Technical data

Main Material Torrefaction compounded hign density fiberglass wool
Face Special painted laminated with decorative fiberglass tissue
Edge Square Edge/Tegular Edge/Concealed Edge
Design White spray/white paint/black spray/colorful can be customize
NRC 0.8-0.9 tested by SGS / 0.91.0 tested by national authoritative departments
Fire-Resistant Class A tested by SGS/Class A tested by national authoritative
Thermal-Resistant ≥0.4(m3.k)/W
Humidity Dimensionally stable with RH up to 95% at 40°C,no sagging ,warping or delaminating
Moisture ≤1%
Environmental impact Tiles and packings are fully recyclable
Certificate SGS/KFI/ISO9001:2008/CE
Normal size 600x600/600x1200mm, Thickness:12mm-50mm;other size canbe customize.

Width ≤1200mm,Length≤2700mm

British Measurement Size And Metric Measurement Size Is Available.

Density 100-130kg/m3


◆ Installed by exposed grids, grids width:15mm or 24mm
◆ Board are easy to trim and install
◆ Both inches and centimeters grids are available
◆ Applications: classrooms, offices, shopping center, etc.

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