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Fiber Cement Board

  • Amulite Exterior ...

    Amulite Exterior Coating Wooden Grain Wall Siding Fiber Cement Board

    Coating Wooden Grain Color Fiber Cement Board Is An Exterior Wall Decorative Board That Integrates Functionality And Decoration. It Is Based On Cement And Calcium Silicate Materials And Composite Fibers. It Is Molded, Embossed, Painted Processed By Assembly And Other Processes.

  • Amulite Dyed Colo...

    Amulite Dyed Color Fiber Cement Board

    Amulite Dyed Color Fiber Cement Board Is A Decorative Exterior Wall Siding Made Of Fiber Cement Material. Special Raw Materials Have Been Added To The Board During Production And Foaming, So That The Board Has A Uniform Color Inside And Out After Foaming, And Has A Good Decorative Effect. After It Is Finished, It Can Be Used Directly Without Any Other Treatment, So Many People Now Prefer This Kind Of Decorative Board That Is Easy To Install And Environmentally Friendly.

  • Lightweight Exter...

    Lightweight Exterior Wall Fireproof EPS Foam Cement Sandwich Sound Insulated  Outdoor Wall Panel

    EPS cement  sandwich panel is composed of exterior panels and interior core filling, to form a non-load-bearing light-weight composite wall panel. The exterior panels on both sides are 5mm calcium silicate board, and the middle core is filled with polystyrene beads & cement or ceramsite, polystyrene beads & cement.

  • Amulite Multi-Col...

    Amulite Multi-Color Painting Fiber Cement Board Panels

    Multi-Color Paint Is A One-Component Paint Used For Building Exterior Walls With Two Or More Water-Based Color Particles Suspended In A Water-Based Medium, And A Variety Of Colors Are Produced By One Spray. It Is Made Of Acrylic Silicone Resin Emulsion And Fluorocarbon. Resin Emulsion Coating As The Base Material, Combined With High-Quality Inorganic Pigments And High-Performance Additives, Breaks Through The Chemical Science Of Coatings, And Is A Water-Based Exterior Wall Colorful Coating Processed By A Special Process.

  • Amulite Real Ston...

    Amulite Real Stone Painting Fiber Cement Board

    Real Stone Paint Is A Kind Of Paint With Decorative Effect Similar To Marble And Granite. It Is Mainly Made Of Natural Stone Powder Of Various Colors, And Is Applied To The Imitation Stone Effect Of Building Exterior Walls, So It Is Also Called Liquid Stone.

  • Amulite UV Painti...

    Amulite UV Painting Fiber Cement Board

    UV Painting Fiber Cement Board Is A Green And Environmentally Friendly Decorative Material Produced By Using Fiber Cement Board As The Substrate, With High-Quality UV Environmental Protection Coatings, And Using UV Light Curing Coating Technology.
    UV Coatings Are UV-Curable Coatings, Also Known As Light-Initiated Coatings. Due To Their Special Production Process, They Have The Characteristics Of Bright Color, Wear Resistance, Strong Chemical Resistance, Long Service Life, Moisture Resistance, And Deformation Resistance.

  • Amulite UV Transf...

    Amulite UV Transfer Printing Fiber Cement Board

    UV Transfer Fiber Cement Board Is An Indoor Wall Decoration Board. It Is Currently An Ultra-New And Environmentally Friendly Decorative Material In The Market. Fiber Cement Board Is Used As The Base Material, And The Base Material Is Made Of Natural Raw Materials. It Is 100% Free Of Asbestos And Free Of The Radioactive Material Board, The Quality Meets The National Standard ”GBB8624- 2012″ A1 Fireproof Material Standard.