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Amulite Green Building Materials Exterior Wall Cladding System Rock Wool Sanwich Cement Board

Rock Wool Sandwich Cement Board:
Sandwich Panels (1)

Rock Wool : Rock wool is an insulation material made from natural rock, primarily basalt, processed into fibers. It offers excellent fire resistance and thermal insulation properties.

Sandwich Panel: A sandwich panel typically consists of two outer layers (facings) and a core material in between. In this case, the facing material is cement board, and the core is made of rock wool.

Cement Board Facing: Cement board is a building material made of a mixture of cement and reinforcing fibers. It is commonly used as a durable facing material for various construction applications.

Key Features:

Thermal Insulation: The rock wool core provides effective thermal insulation, contributing to energy efficiency.

Fire Resistance: Rock wool and cement board are both known for their fire-resistant properties, making the panel suitable for applications where fire safety is a concern.

Durable Facing: The cement board facing enhances the durability and strength of the panel, making it suitable for both interior and exterior applications.


Exterior Wall Cladding: Used as an external wall material for buildings.

Roofing: Suitable for roofing applications to provide both insulation and structural support.

Partition Walls: Used in the construction of partition walls for thermal and acoustic insulation.

Industrial Buildings: Commonly used in industrial structures for its fire-resistant and insulation properties.

Post time: Jan-05-2024