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The Amulite Group warmly congratulates the successful holding of the ‘China (Hebei) – Uzbekistan Bukhara Province Exchange and Cooperation Meeting.’

On the afternoon of December 27th, Deputy Minister Akramov from the Uzbekistan Bukhara Province Ministry of Investment, Industry, and Trade, led a delegation of 15 business representatives to visit our organization. Mr. Zhang Chengang, a first-level inspector of our organization, met with the delegation and organized the China (Hebei) – Uzbekistan Bukhara Province Exchange and Cooperation Meeting.
Inspector Zhang Chengang, expressing a warm welcome to Deputy Minister Akramov and his delegation during their visit to our organization, provided an overview of the current development opportunities facing Hebei and the basic situation of our organization. He extended an invitation for Uzbekistan Bukhara Province to organize a delegation to participate in key economic and trade activities hosted by our province and organization next year.

Inspector Zhang suggested establishing regular contacts between the two sides, strengthening friendly exchanges, and promoting practical cooperation in various fields to enhance collaboration between the two parties.
Deputy Minister Akramov introduced the advantageous geographical location and industrial development situation of Bukhara Province. He expressed a strong desire to strengthen cooperation with Hebei in areas such as agriculture, electronics, green energy, pharmaceuticals, and textiles. Deputy Minister Akramov mentioned that the two meetings between the leaders of Uzbekistan and China within the year have guided the further deepening of bilateral relations. He expressed willingness to enhance communication with our organization and, at an appropriate time, sign a memorandum of friendly cooperation.

Our organization facilitated a meeting where representatives from 9 provincial companies, including China Amulite Group, engaged in discussions and exchanges with representatives from Uzbekistani enterprises. Deputy Minister Akramov presented investment policies and key cooperative projects in Bukhara Province to the participating companies.

During the one-on-one discussions, representatives from both sides explored potential collaboration in various fields, such as wind power generation, agricultural fungicides, traditional Chinese medicine, tourism, mineral resources, new energy vehicles, and equipment. As a result, multiple preliminary cooperation intentions were reached.




Post time: Jan-09-2024