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Amulite Multi-Color Painting Fiber Cement Board Panels

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Multi-Color Paint Is A One-Component Paint Used For Building Exterior Walls With Two Or More Water-Based Color Particles Suspended In A Water-Based Medium, And A Variety Of Colors Are Produced By One Spray. It Is Made Of Acrylic Silicone Resin Emulsion And Fluorocarbon. Resin Emulsion Coating As The Base Material, Combined With High-Quality Inorganic Pigments And High-Performance Additives, Breaks Through The Chemical Science Of Coatings, And Is A Water-Based Exterior Wall Colorful Coating Processed By A Special Process.

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The Features of Multi-Color Painting Fiber Cement Board Panels

On The Surface Color: The Colors Are Diverse, The Beauty Is Full, And The Simulation Is Strong. The Finished Surface Has A Three-Dimensional And Multi-Color Decorative Beauty, Which Cannot Be Replaced By Any Paint.

Physical Material: More Waterproof And Crack Resistance, Water And Alkali Resistance, Weather Resistance, Scrub Resistance, Stain Resistance, Algae Imitation And Chemical Resistance Than General High-End Exterior Wall Coatings.

Compared With Adjacent Paints: More Stone Texture Than Imitation Stone Paint, Waterproof And Crack Resistance, Longer Weather Resistance, Bright Color, Better Stain Resistance, Easier Construction, More Suitable For Thermal Insulation Substrates.

Compared With Pure Fluorocarbon Coatings: Low Cost, Many Varieties Of Colors, Simple Construction, Better Crack Resistance And Waterproofness, The Same Service Life, Stronger Modernity, And More Suitable For The Coating Of Individual Building Exterior Wall Finishes.

Combination With Other Materials: This Product Can Basically Be Combined With Various Other Coatings, And The Effect Produced By The Combination Can Be Unexpected. Combining With Elastic Coatings Can Improve Crack Resistance And Stain Resistance, And The Appearance Is More Innovative. Combined With Embossed Paint, It Can Produce A Thick Textured Stone.

Coating Composition Scheme: Interface Agent Once, Pure Acrylic Primer Once, Granite Main Coating Once And Twice, And Topcoat Twice.

Multi-Color Painting Fiber Cement Board Panels (9)
Multi-Color Painting Fiber Cement Board Panels (5)


It Is Mainly Used For The Facade Decoration Of Government, Enterprise And Institution Office Buildings, Large Office Buildings, Logistics Centers, Shopping Malls, Schools, Hospitals, Stations, And Sports Venues, And The Building Facades Of High-End Residential Areas Are Also Gradually Adopted.


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