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Amulite Real Stone Painting Fiber Cement Board

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Real Stone Paint Is A Kind Of Paint With Decorative Effect Similar To Marble And Granite. It Is Mainly Made Of Natural Stone Powder Of Various Colors, And Is Applied To The Imitation Stone Effect Of Building Exterior Walls, So It Is Also Called Liquid Stone.

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The Advantages of Real Stone Painting Fiber Cement Board

Advantage 1: It Has Strong Decorative Properties And Has Thick-Build Coatings That Imitate Natural Stone, Marble And Granite. Natural Color, With The Texture Of Natural Stone, Various Line Grid Designs, Can Provide Various Three-Dimensional Shapes Of Pattern Structures, Can Visually Demonstrate The Elegance And Solemn Beauty Of The Entire Building, And Is The Best Substitute For Dry Hanging Stone On Exterior Walls.

Advantage 2: Wide Application
It Can Be Used On Various Base Surfaces Such As Cement Brick Wall, Foam, Gypsum, Aluminum Plate, Glass, Etc., And Can Be Painted Arbitrarily With The Shape Of The Building.

Advantage 3: Water-Based Environmental Protection
Real Stone Paint Adopts Water-Based Emulsion, Which Is Non-Toxic And Environmentally Friendly, And Meets People's Requirements For Environmental Protection.

Advantage 4: Good Stain Resistance
90% Of The Dirt Is Difficult To Adhere To. After The Rain Is Washed, It Is As Bright As New, And Manual Cleaning Is Easier.

Advantage 5: Long Service Life
High-Quality Real Stone Paint Can Last Up To 15 Years.

Advantage 6: No Security Risks
The Use Of Stone Dry Hanging On The Outer Wall Will Load Thousands Of Tons Of Extra Burden, Which Will Seriously Endanger Life And Property. The Material Used For Real Stone Paint Is 4-5㎏/㎡, Which Only Accounts For 1/30 Of The Weight Of The Stone. It Has Strong Adhesion And Will Not Fall Off Like The Stone As A Whole, Effectively Ensuring Safety.

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Buildings Decorated With Real Stone Paint Have Natural And Real Natural Color, Giving People A Sense Of Elegance, Harmony And Solemnity, And Are Suitable For Indoor And Outdoor Decoration Of Various Buildings. Especially The Decoration On Curved Buildings Is Vivid And Realistic, And Has A Return To Nature Effect. Real Stone Paint Is Fireproof, Waterproof, Acid And Alkali Resistant, And Pollution Resistant. Non-Toxic, Odorless, Strong Adhesion, Never Fading And Other Characteristics, Can Effectively Prevent The External Harsh Environment From Eroding The Building And Prolong The Life Of The Building. Because Real Stone Paint Has Good Adhesion And Freeze-Thaw Resistance, It Is Suitable For Use In Cold Regions.


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