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Amulite Sand Surface Suspended Ceiling Panels Mineral Acoustic Wool Ceiling Tile Board

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Mineral Wool Acoustic Decorative Board is the advanced decorative (light-construction) material which has the features of Decoration, Sound absorption, Fireproof, Preventing cold and hot, Energy-saving and Insulation.The high-quality mineral wool and composite fiber as the main raw materials and adding other additives, comes out under high pressure steaming and cutting.

It has good fire and sound absorption performance, and has superior performances such as non-combustibility, heat insulation, sag resistant, mold-proof, environmental protection.

Extensively used for indoor ceilings in office, airport, restaurant, petrol pump and hotel.

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Main Advantages of Amulite Mineral Wool Board

The main material is the mineral cotton of high quality. It does not contain any asbestos and cannot make wool dust needle shape which may enter into human body through breath, so it will do no harm to human body.
● The using of compound fiber and surface coating of net structure will greatly improve the ability of impact and deformation resistant of the mineral wool board.
● The internal structure of mineral wool board, forming into netted--structure with enough space, is very firm and greatly improves the sound absorption ability of it. The effect of sound absorption is one or two times than ordinary mineral wool boards.
● The adding of desiccant and assistant desiccant improves the ability of impact resistant, adhesive material firming,the board rigidity holding as well as the indoor humidity accommodating and inhabited environment improving.
● The nm antimicrobial in the board can proof mould and kill bacterium. This feature can greatly improve the application scope of this product for using in the sterile environment which requests for mould proof and sterilization.
● The adding of rare earth inorganic compound material gives the surface activities to the product which can intensively adsorb and disassemble the formaldehyde and other poisonous substance produced in the decorating process. Besides, the rare earth inorganic compound material has the chemical capability of ion exchange which can increase the density of negative oxyanion effectively and improve our life space greatly.
● The expanded perlite, which has the fireproofing and heat insulation performance, is added to decrease the costs of refrigeration and heating. It meets the need of energy saving and consume decreasing.

Mineral Fiber Acoustic Ceiling Technical Data

Product Name Mineral Fiber Acoustic Ceiling
Finish Factory-Applied Vinyl Latex Paint
Thickness 9mm,10mm,12mm,13mm,14mm,15mm,16mm,
Size 595X595mm,603X603mm,595X1195mm,603X1212mm and so on, we can also produce according to the customer request.
Density 280--320kg/m3
Environment protection No asbestos  No formaldehyde
RH(Humidity Resistance) Above 90%
NRC(Noise Reduction Coefficient) 0.55-0.7 depending on the thickness
LR(Light Reflection) 0.90
(Ceiling attenuation coefficient)
Sound Insulation Grade 30 Min
Fire Resistance Grade CLASS A1-CE、UL723、ASTM E84
Water Content <= 3%
Thermal Conductivity <= 0.065W/mk



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